Coren Newell & Terese Orban
The Glenn Store

About The Store

1402 Blue Star Hwy   Glenn, MI 49416

In 1997, we bought our vacation home in Glenn Shores on beautiful Lake Michigan. Like most people who vacation here, you hate to go home on Sunday. The sunsets are breathtaking and the natural beauty of southwest Michigan is captivating; we just knew one day this would be our home.  

Coreen and I were frequent shoppers of the local store in Glenn. We made it a point to try to support the local store whenever we came into town. We saw a lot of potential in The Glenn Store, so when it came on the market in 2006, we thought it would be a great hobby for us. Lord knows, we knew a lot about beer, wine and liquor….what else did you need to know. We soon found out, we had no idea what it took to build a flourishing business.

So in 2007, we left our corporate jobs on the east side of the state. Coreen spent over 30 years as an executive vice-president in the commercial travel industry and I over 30 years as an executive in the information technology industry (the PC wasn’t even mass marketed when I started). We were tired of the corporate world and living in the Detroit area which we all know was hit hard by the recession.

In April of 2007, we bought the infamous Glenn Store. The building was run down, as well as the business and we knew we would have to work hard to gain the respect and confidence of our customers. The first thing we did, when we took over the store is evaluate our entire inventory. We brought in name brand products, fresh foods and a variety of craft beers, wines and liquors. 

Our main focus was to make the store fun and the customer experience memorable. Every customer is greeted with a friendly hello. The staff is attentive and committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Whether you buy our food, beer, coffee or newspapers, we want to make sure that you come back and see us again.

So today, when you come into the Glenn Store, you can’t help but notice the morning coffee clatch with the Glenn locals. Most people that come into the store now, are not just customers but friends who are greeted by name.  It is important for us to focus on our local community. We support our local businesses by carrying their products – Uncommon Grounds coffees, Saugatuck Brewery, Cranes Orchards, Bell’s, Founders, New Holland Breweries, Fenn Valley Winery and Sister’s in Ink. We also support our community through the Toys for Tots, The Relay for Life, Pancake Holiday Breakfasts, Local high school and Glenn School projects, and Holiday baskets for families in need. The Glenn Store was a key contributor in raising $4600 for our food basket project. We participate in the Glenn Area Business Association (GABA), and are on the boards of The Circle of Lights, The Glenn Community Center, The Glenn Square and the Glenn Shores Association. The community we live in is what we are about, and what we want to support in our local efforts.

The winter of 2008 was cold and snowy. What a great time to move into the prepared food business.  We started exploring all of our favorite foods. We have tasted hundreds of pizzas, sandwiches, subs, salads and soups throughout Michigan. Once, we figured out what we liked and what we wanted to be we moved forward with the renovations. 

We began renovations of the entire store in February of 2008. Kitchen build out, new floors and lighting throughout, new electrical and plumbing, new deli case, coolers and freezers, pizza ovens...just to name a few. It became the new Glenn Store.

If you want to tell us about your experience at the Glenn Store, feel free to send your comments to our website or We appreciate your feedback.

Our main objective is to provide fresh high quality homemade food at a fair price. We have a seventy year old Italian sauce recipe which we have perfected and made our own. We cut all our fresh vegetables daily along with our meats. Our Italian sausage comes to us fresh and we add our own special touch. The cheeses…mozzarella, provolone, asiago, fresh mozzarella, feta and parmesan are of the highest quality in the industry.  

Our menu changes from year to year, constantly evolving, as we bring new ideas into our kitchen. We recognize in order to continue growing, we need to be creative and meet our customer’s desires. We work hard at providing great food for all pallets.

So it wasn’t long after we entered the food business, that people requested that we provide our food on a grander scale. We have catered many events in the area. Our catering services may include set up, cooking on site or just providing food for you to serve.